Why Southern Perks?

First reason:

Perk (noun) – a good thing that you have or get because of your situation  (m-w.com)

What was my “situation”?  Growing up in the South, the Gulf Coast of Texas to be exact.  What was my “perk”?  Having a southern NaNa!

Second reason (or maybe the first):

My NaNa’s nickname was Perk.  My Daddy, her son by marriage, called her Perk for years.  I thought it was because coffee was made in a percolator in those days, and regardless of what else might be happening, the “world” stopped every day promptly at 3:00 pm for coffee.  After checking with my Aunt Donna to investigate the origin of the nickname, I discovered that NaNa was given the name Perk after an early radio soap opera, “Ma Perkins” (http://www.myoldradio.com/old-radio-shows/ma-perkins).  Ma Perkins was a widow who took in people who needed help, was ever ready with an encouraging word or a little homespun wisdom, and always had extra room at her table for those who needed a meal or maybe just a little sense of family.  That was my NaNa! Perk was a perfect nickname for her.

NaNa instilled (or at least tried to instill) her values and Southern graces in her two daughters and three granddaughters.  It is our joy, and some might say our duty, to pass those on to our daughters and granddaughters.

NaNa’s been gone for almost 38 years now and my Momma for a little over 17 years.  I’ve been transplanted from the Gulf Coast beaches to the Midwest farmlands, but my Southern Perks are deeply embedded and continue to mold and inspire my life.

As we sit together a spell and maybe share a little coffee (or hot tea), I hope a little Southern “wisdom” and hospitality will inspire your life as well.

I’m so glad you stopped by; please come back!

— Cindy (AKA: Momma H)

A Third Generation Southern Perk


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