I’m a third generation “Southern Perk” who was transplanted from the sandy shores of the Texas Gulf Coast to the rolling farmlands of the Midwest.  (See “Why Southern Perks?” post published January 2014.)

I believe in Southern graces and hospitality no matter where you live.  You see, Southern is not geographical; it is a state of heart!

I love to create an environment where people feel special – loved and celebrated!  The table is always set for extras and the bedrooms are always ready for company. If you stop by, you will be fed or at least offered food and drink.  In our home, we celebrate every opportunity that arises.  We even invent some.  My family calls me the Party Pantry Queen!  Give me an occasion, and I will decorate for it.

I’m on a journey to health and wellness.  Too many of my friends and family have had serious health scares or are being diagnosed with cancer and other life altering diseases.  I want to have many years with my family and friends to celebrate all the occasions of life.  (If you, too, are wanting to enjoy your life in great health, check out my blog on essential oils?  It will help you turn things around naturally.  http://www.imoilin.com)

If you take this journey with me, we will reminisce, we will celebrate, and we will discover life.

I hope you join the Southern Perks’ Family!

— Cindy


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