Sometimes You Just Have to Swerve!

Wow!  It’s been a month since my last post!  Better than a year like the last time. 🙂  It’s been a busy time.  My husband, Jerry, had a health issue back in November that required surgery.  Fortunately, the best doctor in the country (USA) to perform the surgery is in our new home state of Indiana!  Unfortunately and because this doctor is the best, we are just now (6 months later) doing the hospital waiting game – Jerry’s in recovery, and I’m doing the waiting!

That leads me to the story behind this post.  Jerry had this list of things he wanted to accomplish before his surgery – mostly heavy lifting and yard work stuff.  I decided to be a good wife and contribute what I could to help him with his list.  I decided to offer to mow the yard.  Our “yard” is several acres and is mowed with a riding mower/tractor, but still it is a big job.  Did I mention that I love to mow?  Well, I love to mow!  Jerry usually mows the separating line between the “yard” and the “hayfield”, around the perimeter of the yard, and under the trees leaving me the main areas free of obstacles.  With big expanses of lawn, it can get a little boring.  I decided to make it interesting!  Hee Hee!

I’m riding along, swerving to and fro to get the occasional spike of grass that I missed, when I see Jerry frantically waving his hands.  Dutifully, I stop to see what terrible thing has happened.  Well, did I mention that Jerry has been trained in architecture and drafting and at one time was Public Works Director and over street building in our home town in Texas?  In other words, he likes straight lines and angles!  He did not seem to appreciate the artistic swerves and loop-di-loops I was cutting.  (Go figure!)


He tells me this story about the row farmers (those that plant row crops like corn) and how they would pick a tree in the distance and keep the tractor on line with that tree so all the rows were nice and straight.

I tried to be a good wife!  I really did!

I could not help myself!  I mowed about two straight rows before I started swerving again.  I swerved with great delight and laughed so loud that it’s a wonder the neighbors didn’t hear me even over the roar of the engine.  The more I swerved the more I laughed!  It was great!

The yard got mowed; and when the wind blows the thatch, no one will be able to tell which direction the yard was mowed.

Sometimes you have to “color in the lines” and sometimes you just have to swerve!  🙂

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