The Clock is Ticking!

Well, I got part of one list created yesterday.  It’s not much of a start, but it’s a start.  I’m trying a new tactic today – a timer!  I seem to be motivated by deadlines, especially time-sensitive ones, so a timer will be used.

I actually used this technique with a movie I wanted to watch.  I gave myself permission to watch it with the caveat that I would work like a house-a-fire during commercials.  Sure enough, I actually got more done, got in my exercise, and enjoyed the movie!  Highly recommend it!  🙂

Back to my list-making!  (See how I get distracted?)  My goal today is to at least complete the Master List of all the BIG areas I want to address.  I am giving myself the disclaimer that none of my lists will be exhaustive.  Lists can go on forever, you know?  My students will soon be on summer break, so I have to get a handle on my time now before the extra time becomes a distraction in and of itself.

Some people might want to put some kind of label on me because of my random thoughts and direction, but I just say that I am so full of life that it sometimes overflows!  😉

Now to find the . . . oooooh!  You should see that turkey in the backyard!

Backyard Turkey

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