Day 5 – Spring Break (And So It Ends!)

Well, I’m not counting the weekend as part of my Spring Break, as I get the weekend each week; so today was the last day.  Did I get to do everything I had planned for today?  No, not really.  Was it a good Spring Break?  Absolutely!  I still have some piggy corners that need cleaning – there will always be piggy corners – and my bushes did not get transplanted, although they did get removed from their overgrown spot.  I managed to spend one afternoon in the sunshine, and Tex made it to the Vet.  (By the way, he is fine.  We are adjusting his diet slightly, but he received a clean bill of health.)

The change of routine has been good for me.  I firmly believe that your day, or your Spring Break in this case, is as good as you make up your mind it will be.  I intentionally kept my plans loose and have no regrets about how I spent my time.  I even received some new direction from the Lord about a new ministry idea.  Now, on to Easter!

I hope you have someone with whom to spend this Easter weekend.  It doesn’t have to be family.  Even if you have family, look around.  Find someone who might be alone and include him/her in your plans.  Holidays are for sharing!

Good Friday

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