Day 2 – Spring Break (Assault on the Piggy Corners!)

It’s Day 2!  Still trying to get the fire going in the wood stove, if that tells you anything.

I made a dent, be it ever so small, in my de-clutter list yesterday.  I started in the master bedroom.  It’s finally warm enough to throw open the curtains and remove some of the piles of covers from the bed.  With all the sunlight streaming through the windows, you can easily spot the piggy corners.

What are piggy corners, you ask?  That’s what I call those little areas that are clutter magnets.  Some are decorative chairs by the lamp table that are draped with clothes that didn’t make it to the closet or the hamper.  Some are innocent boxes that have become overstuffed with items that never made it to the basement.  Most people have piggy corners.  Some even have piggy closets and rooms.  (I don’t have a piggy room, but I do confess to having a piggy closet.)

Why would I spend my precious Spring Break time ridding my home of piggy corners?

Part of de-cluttering my life to make way for my future – cleansing emotions and toxic thought patterns – is to de-clutter my environment.  Mess can be depressing, and I don’t have time or the energy to be depressed!  I’m on a mission.

I may not get very many piggy corners checked off the list today, but I will be “bringing home the bacon” in some strategic areas!  Here piggy, piggy!

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2 Responses to Day 2 – Spring Break (Assault on the Piggy Corners!)

  1. I, too, am guilty of piggy corners … and more.

    • Cindy H says:

      Your cute little (real) piggy’s might be offended at my comparison of my messes to them. Good thing they can’t read! 😉 Glad you enjoyed it!

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