Day 1 – Spring Break Adventure!

Okay, I’ve seen the pictures on Facebook.  You know the ones of the beaches, flip flops, and squinty-eyed smiles from the fabulous sunshine.  I now realize that I never appreciated the warmth of the Gulf Coast.  Never experiencing the snow and below zero windchills of the NE Indiana winters, I thought flip flops were year round foot attire.  Boy, did I have a lot to learn!

So, it’s day one of my Spring Break.  No students for one week!  What do I do with this gift of time?  Last Friday I sat with my daughter for some dream spinning.  I created a list of things that I wanted to accomplish by January 1, 2016 – a list of possibilities and promises not yet fulfilled.  The problem with lists is that you (I) can spend all my time making and refining lists and never actually accomplish anything on them.  :-/

I decided to take a walk outside as gardening and landscaping is on the list.  The sun is shining through the windows, so being outside sounds like a win-win!

Can you see it?  There!  Pushing its way through the thawing ground.  It's my first glimpse of Spring!

Can you see it? There! Pushing its way through the thawing ground. It’s my first glimpse of Spring!

Well, the sun may be shining, but the windchill is still too darn cold!  Thankfully, my tulips and daffodils are making a comeback without my help.  Gardening will have to wait for another day.

Time to stoke the fire and reevaluate the list!  😉

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